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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My experience of group work

I would like to write about my experience of group work as a teacher.
Last year, I went to an elemenraly school to teach English as a mini teaching practice.
In that practice, I had a class and taught English with my 6 classmates. And we did a group work named shopping game in the class. Every group had five or six students, and did a shopping game. In the shopping game, half of the students in the group played a role of customers, and the other students did a role of clerk.

Students practiced the following lines.
Customers:~(e.g. Three tomates) please. How much?
Clerk:~yen, please.
Customer:Here you are.
Clerk:Thank you.

However, this group work were not so good. It is because students got very excited to save as much as many money which were given to customers and did not try to buy goods. I think we should have made goods on the store more attractive. And especially for elementaly school students, we should show clear instruction for them to easily understand what to do.


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