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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Reflection of My Group Lesson

The key words which our group taught the students were "Excuse me?", "Pardun?", "Thank you", and "You're welcome."
First, we did a worming up by using the phrases "what's your name?" and "I'm ~." Each group member introduced theirselves by these phrases. After that, students did a mini activity in their lines. In the activity, first student said to the back student "what's your name?", and the back student answerd "I'm ~." And he or she asked to his or her back student "what's your name?" again.
Second, we did a role play and practice. In the role play, two group members showed the scene in which the key phrases were used. After showing the scene few times, we did a practice of the pharases by repetition. We did the repetition in various ways. We first let the left side student in the crassroom do the role of Mike, who is the character in the text book, and the right side student do the role of a lady, who is the character in the text book, too. After thet, we exchanged the role. And next, we did a repetetion by pairs.
At last, we did an activity. First we introduced the new three words, "book", "pen", and "ruler".
And in the activity, students did a role play with at least three people by using the above three words.
Following is the example.
student A: Excuse me.
student B: Yes?
student A: Is this your book?
student B: Pardon?
student A:Your book.
student B: Oh, my book! Thank you.
student A: You're welcome.
After the activity, some pairs presented the role play. Their role plays were very good.

The good point in my group lesson was that we repeated the role play and practice many times for students to understand and use the key phrases. In the last activity, almost all the studrnts could use the phrases.
The not good point in my group lesson was that the scene was restricted to one, which was on the text book. We should have let the students think when you use the key words like "excuse me?", "Pardun?", "thank you", and "you're welcome" except the text's scene. If we had done it in the class, students would have got the opportunity to think about the key phrases by theirselves.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger gakusei said...

Hello,I'm gakusei.
I think your group activity is very good.We student can understand key phrase again and again.
We enjoyed practicing key phrase because you teachers devised activity for students.So students must be attracted.
But the textbook you tought is a boring book.The situation of the textbook is far from the real-life.Lazy students like me may feel boring.So if you make original material that students can enjoy,your class enable students to be more enjoyable!

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Eringo said...

Gakusei, thank you for your commenting. It is true that the situation on the text book will not often happen in our daily life. We should have prepared another situation or some other situations. However, I think that the situation on the text book is very simple and easy for students to understand the meaning of the key phrases.
As a teacher, it is very important to select the essential teaching materials.
Your adadvice is very helpful. I want to refer to your opinion in the next opportunity, thank you.

At 1:58 PM, Blogger happy days said...

Hi, I'm happy days. Your lesson was very good for me. But I think it was better that the warm-up connect to new materials. However, I also think "What's your name?" relaxed us. In class, we played the part of textbook's figures. I think it is good to imitate the conversation, but as you said, it is limited then. So, in my opinion, we had better apply the textbook.
By the way, your game was very interesting for me. But I wanted more time because I lacked it.
Finally, thank you for your class.

happy days

At 6:58 PM, Blogger patapata said...

Hi! I'm patapata.
Your group lesson was very good! I think your group had many good points. First, I think introduction was very smooth. Your introduction attracted us. Second, you did many repetitions in various way. I think repetition plays a important role in language study as we learned in ETM3. We could understand the phrases and memolize them.
However, I couldn't understand a role play at the first time, because I couldn't know that the picture was a vending machine. You should did a role play not suddenly but after a short explanation.
By the way, I could learn many things from your lesson. Thank you so much for good lesson!

At 8:57 PM, Blogger Elle said...

HI, this is Elle.

I think your class is very good to understand. The activity was simple and enjoyable.

There is a point I'd like to say, as you said, it was very restricted and I can't find the most important part in this paragraph. I think you should have emphasised more.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger JH said...

I finally watched the video of your class. I was very impressed with your group's teaching ability!I have also learned a lot from reading the points made by your classmates in their comments and the points you made in your own post.


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